PoliticsNational Assembly passed a resolution against the President

National Assembly passed a resolution against the President

In the National Assembly, a resolution was passed by a majority vote against the President for taking an “unconstitutional stand” on the issue of removal of the Governor of Punjab from office.

According to the Media reports, the resolution was read out in the National Assembly by Mohsin Dawar, an independent member of the National Assembly from the tribal region, after resistance by Dr. Fehmida Mirza of the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) and Ghous Bakhsh Mehr resolution was approved.

GDA members called it unnecessary and said it was an attempt to make the presidency controversial.

Meanwhile, Fehmida Mirza also tried to disrupt the proceedings of the House due to lack of quorum, as she did in the National Assembly session on Monday.

However, the government insisted on passing the resolution.

Earlier in the day, members of the National Assembly failed to pass the resolution due to lack of quorum.

However, GDA members were present in the House during the passage of the resolution and when Attorney General Ashtar Osaf and Law Minister Nazir Tarar passed the resolution in accordance with the constitution and law, then Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf voted, both members shouted in ‘opposition’.

The resolution said, “This House strongly objects to the unconstitutional position of the Presidency. It has refused to implement the Constitution word for word and in accordance with its spirit and adhere to the parliamentary tradition.”

Mohsin Dawood said, “It calls on the Presidency to discharge its responsibilities impartially in accordance with Article 48 of the Constitution.”

he resolution sharply criticized President Arif Alvi for rejecting a summary sent by Shahbaz Sharif to remove Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema.

The resolution said, “This House makes it clear that the observance of the Constitution and the law under the Constitution is an inalienable responsibility of every citizen wherever he may be, and for the person who exists in Pakistan.”

He further added that according to the oath of the President, the President will not allow his personal interests to influence his government responsibilities and government decisions, he is responsible for defending the Constitution and maintaining its security.

Earlier, opposing the resolution, Ghous Bakhsh Mehr, citing Article 48 of the Constitution, said that it was up to the President to decide on the advice of the Prime Minister.

No, therefore, the President has taken a legitimate step by rejecting the summary of removal of the Governor of Punjab.

Fehmida Mirza had announced on Monday that she would boycott the National Assembly session if the Speaker did not nominate the Leader of the Opposition.

Dr. Fehmida Mirza expressed reservations over the decision of the Supreme Court to declare the rolling of Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri unconstitutional.

He said without naming the Supreme Court, “I don’t think any institution can challenge the rolling of the Speaker.

During the proceedings of the House, the Speaker of the National Assembly gave Fehmida Mirza the opportunity to speak on several occasions.

Declared However, the former speaker also faced anger from Raja Riaz and Jawariya Zafar for using the word “looted” for deviant PTI members. PTI members criticized Imran Khan, calling him a bigger “looter” and saying he ran away from parliament when he should have played his part in the opposition.

The Attorney General said that Ghous Bakhsh Mehr had misinterpreted Article 48 of the Constitution. He said that the Supreme Court has already interpreted Article 48 of the IK, meaning the will of the President means the will of the Federal Government or the Prime Minister.

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