SportsPakistan: Asad Ali Memon Summits Highest Peak in North America

Pakistan: Asad Ali Memon Summits Highest Peak in North America

ALASKA: Pakistani mountaineer Asad Ali Memon yet again made Pakistan proud by scaling Denali, North America’s highest peak. The young climber stretched the summit early afternoon of May 28, Saturday.

In a video message from the peak, Asad Ali Memon publicized that he has scaled Denali, in Alsaka, and express thanks people of Pakistan for their prayers.

Pakistani Mountaineer Asad Ali Memon Summits Highest Peak in North America

Holding his country’s flag, the young mountaineer shared numerous pictures along with his fellow climbers.

Born in Larkana, Asad Ali Memon, 23 is a Professional mountain climber and presently.

He is the youngest Pakistani to have climbed the highest peak outside Asia (Aconcagua) and highest European peak (Elbrus).

Now with his newest summit of Denali, Asad Ali Memon is previously more than half way through his dream of seven summits and elsewhere.

If successful, he would be the first ever Pakistani to have scaled seven highest peaks in all seven continents and have received explorer’s goal.

The young mountaineer also holds the record of charming the first Asian and Pakistani to climb the 16,893 feet Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in less than 24 hours in the year 2021.

Previously Kilimanjaro, Memon climbed Mount Elbrus in Russia (Europe’s highest peak) and Mount Aconcagua in Argentina (highest South American peak).

He had also struggled to climb Mount Everest in the past.

Eyeing for his subsequent challenge, he sets himself for Carstensz Pyramid the highest peak of Oceania later this year.

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