EntertainmentPeople are Angry Over Inviting 'Pawri Girl' to University Program

People are Angry Over Inviting ‘Pawri Girl’ to University Program

People have expressed frustration over the invitation of ‘Pawri Girl’ Dananeer Mubeen to the Media Festival by the private university ‘Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology’ (SZABIST).

The quality of institutions is also at stake. Dananeer Mubeen suddenly became famous all over the world when a short Instagram video of her went viral on February 6, 2021.

Dananeer shared a 5-second video on social media on February 6 during a tour of the Northern Territories with her sister and friends, which went viral.

In the short video, Dananeer was seen speaking Urdu in English style.

In the video, Dananeer could be heard saying, “This is our car, this is us and we are getting our pawri here.”

Danneer Mubeen, who became an overnight star after the video went viral, later entered modeling and acting and for this reason SZABIST invited her to its media festival but people did not like her presence there.

The SZABIST administration had invited Dananeer Mubeen to speak at a program called ‘The Instant Revolution’ at the Zeb Media Festival.

The administration had invited several showbiz personalities, actresses, models and social media stars to accompany her, but the audience objected to Dananeer Mubeen’s participation instead of others.

While people on social media criticized the SZABIST administration, Dananeer Mubeen’s participation in the program of the educational institution also raised questions about the educational credibility of the institution and at the same time people criticized the ‘Pawri Girl’ in a light-hearted manner.


One user reacted strongly to the invitation of Dananeer Mubeen by the university and said that calling her as a motivational speaker not only shows the degradation of our educational institutions but also exposes the social degradation.

One user, while sharing the banner of Dananeer Mubeen’s program, jokingly criticized that she will now teach people how difficult it is to make a 10 second video.

Another user criticized her for being invited, saying that he did not hate or have any problem with Dananeer Mobeen but we should think that in a country where poets and artists are committing suicide to make their mark, Is it okay to pay attention such people?


Another user criticized Dananeer Mubeen without listening to her speech and wrote that she did not know what kind of impressive speech she would be able to give. He also wrote that inviting her is a question mark.

One user reminded critics of Dananeer Mubeen that they should remember that SZABIST is a business school that invites other actors as well and that now Dananeer has become a successful actress and she appears in videos and dramas. Yes, what’s wrong with inviting her?

Like him, the podcast show Shehzad Ghias Sheikh also supported Dananeer and wrote to those who criticized her, “Who are we to decide who is an artist or not?”

He clarified that he was not talking about Dananeer Mubeen but about the content creator who makes videos on social media.

He wrote that when we decide that such a person is not an artist, then we start abusing her for making his tik-tok videos.

He wrote in another tweet that we are making trolling common and at the same time he wrote that if a teenage girl considers herself an artist and makes tik-tok videos then what is our harm in this? Why do we misunderstand her?

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