PoliticsPolice took Dua into custody from Pakpattan

Police took Dua into custody from Pakpattan

Dua Zahra, a missing girl from Al-Falah area of ​​Karachi, has been taken into police custody.

According to sources, Dua Zehra and a boy named Zaheer were taken into custody by the police from Pakpattan.

Both were present at Zaheer’s uncle’s house in Pakpattan.

According to sources, Dua Zehra and Zaheer also filed a harassment petition in the local court.

The petition was filed in the court of Sessions Judge Hafiz Rizwan.

Dua got married on April 17 while the petition was filed in the court on April 19.

Dua Zahra has also released a video statement about her marriage of her own free will.

In the statement, Dua Zahra says that she has married Zaheer Ahmed of her own free will.

The girl said in her statement that her parents were abusive and wanted to force her to get married. I am 18 years old.

According to police, Dua and her husband Zaheer were staying with a local landlord. Dua’s father is still unaware of the girl’s marriage It may be recalled that DIG Operations Dr. Abid Khan had denied meeting Dua Zahra yesterday and said that Karachi police had provided marriage certificate of the girl to Lahore police.

Police is looking for the girl from the address on the marriage certificate.

Talking to private News channel, Dua Zahra’s father said that he has no information about the girl, we have no information about the marriage certificate given by the police. He said that we do not have any family member in Lahore and cannot confirm the news of marriage.

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