PoliticsPolitical crisis in Punjab; The Chief Justice directed to take the matter...

Political crisis in Punjab; The Chief Justice directed to take the matter to the High Court

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Omar Atta Bandial has directed to take the matter of political crisis in Punjab to the High Court.

According to details, a five-member larger bench headed by the Chief Justice began hearing the case related to the rolling of the Deputy Speaker.

Former Governor Hamza Shahbaz will take oath in Bagh-e-Jinnah today.

Hamza Shahbaz has also called a meeting of bureaucrats today.

The constitution is a very trivial matter for them. On this occasion, Chief Justice of Pakistan Omar Atta Bandial warned him not to speak, we do not want to get involved in the problems of Punjab, so we will not give any order regarding Punjab, take the matter of Punjab to the High Court.

During the hearing, Justice Mazhar Alam said that the doors of the Punjab Assembly were sealed yesterday. Can the Assembly be sealed like this?

The Chief Justice, in his remarks, said that he did not want to divert attention from the case of the National Assembly and at the same time removed Azam Nazir Tarar and Advocate General Punjab from the rostrum.

It may be mentioned that after the meeting of the Provincial Assembly was not held in the Punjab Assembly building, the opposition held a symbolic meeting in a private hotel in Lahore.

For solidarity, Maryam Nawaz also attended the meeting.

Members of PTI rebel groups also attended the meeting. In the symbolic meeting, 199 members passed a resolution in favor of Hamza Shahbaz and elected him as Leader of the House.

On this occasion Maryam Nawaz went ahead and hugged and congratulated Hamza Shahbaz while later Maryam Nawaz termed the symbolic meeting as constitutional and legal meeting and said that Hamza Shahbaz served Punjab wholeheartedly.

Will do Earlier, Deputy Speaker Dost Mazari was barred from entering the house.

He reached Punjab Assembly and while talking to media said that PTI wants to release me but I am still with PTI.

I will announce the day I left PTI in front of regular media. I am not afraid of anyone. They are confused. It shows that they have lost their morale.

It has been decided to convene a meeting of the Punjab Assembly anywhere. We will try to convene a meeting today.

In all these circumstances, the spokesman of the Punjab Assembly said that when no-confidence movement is filed against the Speaker, he cannot preside over any meeting.

Constitutionally, the Deputy Speaker is not authorized to preside over any meeting. If he does, he will be violating the constitution.

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