BusinessPower shortfall extended

Power shortfall extended

The power crisis in the country has increased and the power shortfall extended its highest level on Wednesday.

Rendering to the 24News HD TV channel, the power shortfall has converted at 9 pm today was 9,970 Mega Watts (MW) although the demand for electricity has reached 28,780 MW.

The sources said that the power supply is 18,820 MW and PESCO’s shortfall has reached 1687 MW although TESCO’s shortfall has affected the line of 676 MW.

The shortfall of IESCO is reaches 693 MW.

GAPCO’s 760 MW, LESCO’S 573 MW, FESCO’S 1210, MEPCO’s 1738 MW, SEPCO’s 642, HESCO’s 483, and KESCO’s 1086 MW.

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