EntertainmentProminent Vlogger Hina Daniyal Malik Passed Away

Prominent Vlogger Hina Daniyal Malik Passed Away

Hina Daniyal Malik, a YouTuber, Tik-Toker and Vlogger, who gained fame by promoting local businessmen, shopkeepers and businessmen through her vlogs, has passed away.

Initially, news of Hina Daniyal Malik’s death was spread on social media last week and it was claimed that she died in a road accident.

However, now her sister and husband have released explanatory videos on her Instagram confirming her death, saying that Hina Daniyal Malik was not involved in a road accident but a ‘brain attack’, possibly a stroke.

Her sister Hira Anis said in a video of about 12 minutes on Vlogger’s Instagram that Hina Daniyal Malik had passed away on June 11 and she could not answer the people because of the shock of her death.

She said that the night her sister passed away, she received a call from his brother-in-law that Hina Daniyal had fallen ill and had reached home.

According to Hira Anis, when she reached her sister’s house, she was seen in a state of paralysis and later she was shifted to a private hospital, where she underwent many tests and CT scans in the emergency ward.

She said there was no specialist or senior doctor in the emergency room and she was told that Hina Daniyal Malik had a possible brain clotting and would have to pay Rs1.1 million for her treatment.

Speaking on the indifference of the hospital management, Hira Anis said that they were treated badly and the management should understand that no one has such a large amount of cash all the time.

She went on to say that her sister’s condition worsened in the emergency ward, after which she was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) and later to the ventilator, but she could not survived and died on the evening of June 11.

Hira Anis said that by the time she was transferred to the ICU, her sister had lost 70% of her brain and was completely lifeless.

She said that Hina Daniyal Malik had no accident and that her in-laws, including her husband, took good care of her and kept encouraging her.

She said that Vlogger was buried in the famous Sakhi Hassan Cemetery in Karachi and at the same time she appealed to the people to pray for her forgiveness.

Vlogger’s sister said that she has a lot of videos of Hina Daniyal Malik, which her sister was going to upload in the future and now she will try to upload them too.

Hina Danyal Malik’s husband Daniel also confirmed the death of his wife in his short video on his Instagram page and said that he did not have a road accident.

He said that the night Hira Daniyal had a brain attack, the same night they were both working on video editing and uploading until late, then suddenly his wife was attacked, which he took to the hospital, where she could not survived.

He said that people were demanding him to delete the social media accounts of Hira Daniyal Malik but he could not do so because he wanted to continue her mission.

He said that Hira Daniel initially made free videos for local traders and shopkeepers, after which she started doing the same thing for money and it was not hidden from anyone.

He also appealed to the fans to pray for the forgiveness of Hina Daniyal Malik.

It may be recalled that Hina Daniyal Malik started gaining popularity on social media two years ago.

In such videos, she usually advertised women’s clothing and make-up vendors, and she also mentioned the addresses of the shops in the videos.

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