EntertainmentRamazan special 'Hum-Tum' is breaking gender stereotypes

Ramazan special ‘Hum-Tum’ is breaking gender stereotypes

Drama Hum Tum is here for a long month journey in Ramadan and after just five episodes has captured viewers attention with its refreshing content by altering roles and striking gender stereotypes.

Ahad Raza Mir, Ramsha Khan, Sarah Khan, Ayaza Khan and Junaid Khan are in lead roles, the story takes on the concept of transforming couple ‘Mir and Ramsha’ clash into love. The on screen couple play college-going cousins in the drama and chemistry students are well on the path to develop chemistry of their own.

The first episode was air on April 3 and a new episode will release daily at 9pm.

Hum Tum just at the starting line, has already developed a fan base as viewers like and discuss about the drama, characters and the story line. Viewers particularly pointed out the “role reversal” in the drama as the women are portrayed as “independent and ambitious” while the toxic male stereotype has been defeated.


Viewers also enjoyed the diversity in professions which displayed in the drama, especially professions that are overlooked.

Yes, sir! A dose of equality please.

Meaningful story line > Mind blowing humour.


Scenes that took our hearts.

Most Favourite character-Dada!

Meme-makers, it’s your turn to shine.


Step aside, the fan edits have arrived.

Looks like some parallels were drawn — keen eye, viewer!

Are you watching Hum Tum? What’s your take on the drama? share your experience!

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