PoliticsRana Sanaullah Rejected the Claims of Life ‘Threats’ to Imran Khan

Rana Sanaullah Rejected the Claims of Life ‘Threats’ to Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Thursday rejected the claims of life ‘threats’ to previous prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan.

Speaking to a private news channel, the Interior Minister said that:

No threat vigilant in inconsistency of Imran Khan, adding that Imran Khan offered security and protocol at the same level he relished while he was the prime minister.

He pointed out that one night Babar Awan appealed that:

An attack was forthcoming and the government did not leave that claim “unattended” but there was no proof to back it.

Rana Sanaullah additional said that the PTI should conversant Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Chief Justice about the threats to Imran Khan.

In answer to a question, the interior minister said that:

Imran Khan wants slaughter in the country and for this not only a case must be chased in contradiction of him but he must also be arrested.

Sanaullah has also confronted Imran Khan to cross into Punjab from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at Attock bridge. “This time we have consulted experienced personnel. If Imran Khan announced a long march, he could not enter Islamabad,” he added.

‘Meetings with TTP to be held under constitution’

Talking about meetings with the TTP, Rana Sanaullah said that:

The presiding and allied parties are on the same page in this esteem. “PPP co-Chairman also wanted that the talks with TTP held,” he added,

The Interior Minister further said that he wanted the discussions with the TTP to be in accord with the constitution.

Adding that it decided that when the negotiations make development they conversed in the Parliament.

The minister said that a uniform strategy not used for all three groups and the people.

Who committed heinous crimes like the APS Peshawar attack not measured for clemency or reintegration.

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