EntertainmentSamina Peerzada came out in support of Imran Khan

Samina Peerzada came out in support of Imran Khan

Senior actress and host Samina Peerzada also came out in the political heat by becoming a supporter of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Samina Peerzada is one of the actors who has been active on social media since the submission of the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan and has been tweeting in support of Imran Khan.

However, she has now appealed to the Pakistani people to support Prime Minister Imran Khan before the voting for no-confidence movement.

In a message released on Twitter, Samina Peerzada said, “My Twitter family, we do not have to worry and do not leave alone our captain. The game has just started now, we will win because the truth always wins.”

The actress wrote that the support of the people will change the course of the winds.

It should be noted that the National Assembly session has started for voting on the no-confidence movement against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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