Entertainment"Seeing Imran Khan's actions, instead of getting angry, I feel pity"-Singer Jawad...

“Seeing Imran Khan’s actions, instead of getting angry, I feel pity”-Singer Jawad Ahmed

Lahore: Singer Jawad Ahmed has said that some people have given wrong advice to Imran Khan. I used to get angry seeing his actions but now I feel sorry for him.

Jawad Ahmed said that he did not like saying because once upon a time, I impressed from him very much.

The singer said that Imran Khan has put Pakistan in great danger by using the name of America, you have defense and trade issues with America, it is a burden which will be very difficult to remove.

It is to be noted that this statement of singer Jawad Ahmed has come to light after the dissolution of the National Assembly by the President on the suggestion of the Prime Minister.

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