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Shahbaz Sharif is Mir Jaffar of our nation, Imran Khan address in Jhelum

Former Prime Minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan, while explaining his recent statement, said that Mir Jaffer betrayed the Governor of Mughals Siraj-ud-Daulah while he was fighting against the British.

The British gave the government to Mir Jaffar for treason just like the Americans put Shahbaz Sharif in power.

Addressing a public meeting in Jhelum, the former prime minister said that US Under-Secretary Donald Lo had arrogantly called the Pakistani ambassador and said that if Pakistan did not remove Imran Khan, Pakistan would face difficulties.

He said that US Under Secretary says if Imran Khan was removed and Cherry Blossom was brought then Pakistan would be forgiven.

Chairman PTI said that external conspiracy was hatched, conspiracy against our government is hatched outside and locals Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq became part of this conspiracy.

‘Convicted man calls entire cabinet to London’ he said that as a result of American conspiracy, the elected government of 220 million people was ousted and the Prime Minister elected by the people was insulted.

The former prime minister said that all the corrupt people have come to power and now they are distributing positions to monkeys.

In the current government of thieves, 60% of the cabinet is on bail.

There are corruption cases of billions of rupees against Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

PML-N has to be accounted for corruption of Rs 40 billion .

The big robbers who have been stealing the country for 30 years, now have imposed on us.

Anna said that it was an insult to Pakistan for the federal cabinet to go to London on the summons of Nawaz Sharif, a fugitive in billions of rupees corruption cases.

He said that these people are going to meet a fugitive on the money of the nation.

A convicted person has called the entire cabinet to London. This is an insult to Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that he would call to come to Islamabad after May 20.

Earlier I used to say that 2 million people would come to Islamabad but seeing the enthusiasm of the people, I said that not 20 but 2.5 million people should come to Islamabad.

The former Prime Minister said that yesterday Shahbaz Sharif says that Imran Khan speaks against the army, Shahbaz Sharif should be ashamed, be ashamed of something, Shahbaz Sharif is in fact Mir Jaffar of our nation who imposed under external conspiracy.

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