SportsShaheen Afridi, David Warner face to face, interesting comments on Twitter

Shaheen Afridi, David Warner face to face, interesting comments on Twitter

Cricket is not just a game of scoring and scoring runs, there are many other aspects of interest in this game, the game of cricket is made more interesting by the moments and events that occur between the players during the game.

Those moments and events during the match, whether in the form of exchange of interesting and interesting phrases between the players or through the expression of various gestures or gestures, such incidents on the field either make the cricket fans emotional or they Moments make viewers laugh and loot.

One such moment recently went viral on social networking sites and became the focus of attention of social media users as fast bowler Shaheen Afridi ran towards Australian David Warner during the ongoing Test series between Pakistan and Australia.

And before they both laughed, they stood face to face and pretended to express their anger.

The incident between the cricketers was saved by the eye of the camera and soon this moment was followed by memes based on interesting comments on Pakistani social media platforms.

This exciting moment between Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi and David Warner took place on March 23 on the third day of the third and final Test match between Pakistan and Australia at Gaddafi Stadium.

It seemed like a real moment of confrontation but the viewers soon realized that this incident between the cricketers was a moment of fun.

The incident encouraged memes based on a variety of interesting and humorous comments and analyzes on social media platforms.

The difference in height between the two players made the incident even more hilarious.

The incident went so viral that even former English cricketer and coach Ian Pont could not help but comment while sharing the photo.

Of course, this was a moment when comments from fans were inevitable.

There was no bitterness during this memorable, exciting moment between the two famous cricketers.

Although there is nothing like warming the hearts of cricket fans, positive sportsmanship during the game, enthusiastic game of Test cricket or any kind of funny action but still, overall, on the field during the game.

The show of friendship between Shaheen Shah Afridi and David Warner was liked by social media users as if it will be remembered for a long time.

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