SportsShahid Afridi's first appearance on TV with his daughters

Shahid Afridi’s first appearance on TV with his daughters

Former national cricket captain and legendary cricketer Shahid Afridi’s fans are looking forward to participating in a TV program with his five daughters for the first time.

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, Shahid Afridi participated in Sama TV’s Game Set Match, where he and his daughters talked openly.

The cricketer’s wife did not participate in the program, however, Shahid Afridi’s younger niece also participated.

This was the first time that Shahid Afridi had appeared in a TV program with his five daughters, before that he had appeared in some programs for a short time with one or two daughters.

Shahid Afridi has five daughters, the eldest of whom he had engaged to cricketer Shaheen Afridi last year.

Shahid Afridi’s youngest daughter is 2 years old, born in February 2020.

His daughters are Aqsa, Insha Arwa, Ajuha and Asmara.

He married Nadia Shahid in the year 2000.

During the program, Shahid Afridi’s daughters said that their father takes great care of them, whatever they ask for, they are provided.

One daughter admitted that she was not very interested in cricket .

The daughters complained that the father does not give Eid in the traditional way, however, whenever the money is asked, the father gives it to them.

Shahid Afridi said that out of his five daughters, Aqsa loves cricket very much and she also comments on cricket.

The other daughters do not understand cricket much.

During the program, Shahid Afridi’s youngest daughter also imitated her father and showed what style he adopts when his father takes wickets during the match.

Shahid Afridi’s fourth daughter said that she collects the Eid she gets and invites her elder sisters.

The cricketer’s daughter Aqsa said in response to a question that she loves to travel but she can spend her whole life in Dubai.

His other daughter said he loved going to Turkey.

In response to a question, Shahid Afridi said that he did not know whether his daughter or wife had sent Eid to Shaheen Afridi or not but he thought that they either sent it or were preparing to send it.

The former captain said that today’s children are very smart, do everything on their own and tell their parents that they do not know anything.

While his fans were happy to see Shahid Afridi and all his daughters for the first time on TV screens, cricket fans also praised him.

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