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Shinboku Shotokan Karate Institute Lahore’s First Color Belt Promotion and Karate Demonstration Ceremony

Lahore: Shinboku Shotokan Karate Institute Lahore’s first Color Belt Promotion Ceremony and Karate Demonstration were successfully held in Lahore under the auspices of Shin Boko Association of Karate-Do Pakistan. The Chief Instructor of the Headquarters and the five Black Belt members came to Lahore exclusively from Karachi to conduct the karate test.

At this event under the supervision of Abdul Rehman, Chief Instructor of Shinboku Shotokan Karate Punjab Branch, the junior and senior athletes also gave a wonderful demonstration of karate and Komite .

Along with the parents of the Lahore branch players, many great and eminent karate teachers were also present on the occasion. Karate Pakistan Branch Chief Shi Han Akhtar Ali, Shotokan Karate Referee Judges Association Secretary Aqeel Ahmed Jamil, International, and National Athletes and Instructors Sensei Rasheed, Sensei Shakeel, and Professor (R) Muhammad Yousuf were the special guests at the ballot promotion ceremony. Shi Han Shehzad Ahmed, President and Chief Instructor of Boko Association of Karate-Do Pakistan, along with other Masters, awarded belts and certificates to the successful athletes and awarded shields to the officials.

Among the yellow strip belt winners, Hisham Khan Awan took second position with 65 marks out of 100, while Taha Usman Sheikh and Zohaib Yar Khan with 53 marks, Mohammad Musa Khan with 52 marks and Mohammad Ibrahim Zeeshan with 50 marks. Ibrahim Hassan Rajput with 42 marks, Mohammad Abdullah Khan with 39 marks and Hashir Usman Sheikh with 35 marks. Institute Instructor Abdul Rehman tied the belts for the successful players while the guest Gram Masters presented trophies of positions to the players.

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