PoliticsSialkot: Police crackdown on preparation of PTI rally without permission

Sialkot: Police crackdown on preparation of PTI rally without permission

At the CTI Ground in Sialkot, the administration has stopped members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) from making arrangements for a meeting without permission.

In Sialkot today, a heavy contingent of police reached the venue and cordoned off the ground to stop preparations for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) meeting without permission.

Police began to overthrow the ground with heavy machinery at the rally, with PTI workers resisted when the goods were removed.

PTI leader Usman Dar lay down in front of the machinery with his workers. He said that the machinery would pass over us.

Tear gas was shelling to disperse the workers by police, policemen appeared in the television footage at the ground, trying to stop the stage made by the police to prepare for the rally.

Some people were standing on top of a stationary crane, tear gas smoke can also be seen in the footage.

The district administration said that permission was not sought from the owners of the CTI ground for the meeting.

No one could be allowed to hold the meeting without the consent of the owners.

DPO Hassan Iqbal said in this regard that you know that this land belongs to the Christian community, he had filed a petition in the High Court in which it was said that no political meeting was held at this place.

The High Court has directed Deputy Commissioner Sialkot to decide the case after hearing both the parties.

He said that the Christian community says that the political party is holding a meeting in our place, they cannot allow a meeting in front of the place of worship, they are ready to give an alternative place.

Meanwhile, about 40 PTI workers including Usman Dar, Hafiz Hamid Raza, Brigadier Aslam Ghman, Asjad Malhi, Syed Bhili, Mehr Kashif, Barrister Jamshed Ghias and Chaudhry Shams were reportedly detained.

However, there was no immediate confirmation.

When the DPO was asked about this, he did not give any final answer and said that information in this regard would be given in a formal official statement.

However, the PTI claimed that several members of the party, including Usman Dar, had been detained.

Usman Dar released a video statement on his Twitter account, he said that we were arrested from Sialkot ground today, they put us in this prisoner van.

They think that they will put us in a Prisoner van and imprison our passion and madness for Imran Khan.

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