Politics'Stop spreading rumors, I deny all the corruption allegations': Farah Khan

‘Stop spreading rumors, I deny all the corruption allegations’: Farah Khan

Farah Khan (a close friend of the first lady), who is facing corruption charges, has broken her silence on the allegations against her.

She has posted a message on social media accounts in this regard. I deny all the allegations, I have nothing to do with politics and I have never interfered in the affairs of government.


Those who throw dirty mud on my character have their own sisters and daughters. My husband has already explained about my business.

Farah Khan added that the people who have been attributed to me have also denied it. He said that his family could hear these allegations and was in a state of shock.

Farah Khan appealed that she should not be slandered for what she had heard. It may be recalled that Farah Khan has been charged with corruption in Punjab.

Regarding these allegations, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said that Farah Khan is not our cousin’s daughter. If Maryam Nawaz has evidence, then present it in court.

On the allegations against Farah Khan, Usman Bazdar said that transfers in Punjab are done on merit and according to rules and regulations. I totally reject the baseless allegations about the first lady and Farah Khan.

Earlier, it was revealed that extraordinary funds were being released for the village of Farah Khan, a woman who is currently circulating regarding allegations in Punjab politics.

A private news channel, citing documents, reported that on the recommendations of the Punjab Chief Minister’s Office, funds of Rs. 119 million were released to Farah Khan’s village, due to which development work of Rs.110 million۔ was done in Ghang village.

Citing sources, it has been said that sewerage, roads, tuff tiles, family park and stadium construction projects were completed in Farah Khan’s village while on Farah Khan recommendation projects worth Rs 45 billion in 3 years was also given to Sheikhupura.

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