PoliticsBat killed the Lion, Sheikh Rashid

Bat killed the Lion, Sheikh Rashid

The head of Awami Muslim League and former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed has said that in the by-elections held in Punjab yesterday, a bat has entered the house and killed a Lion.

While talking to the media in Islamabad, the former interior minister said that PTI has defeated him in 3 out of 4 seats in Lahore, the stronghold of Muslim League (N).

If PTI had made better decisions, they could have won the fourth set as well, the bat has hit home and hit the lion.

Sheikh Rasheed said that former Prime Minister Imran Khan filed a case in the Supreme Court against the important amendments made in the NAB rules, while I myself going to file a case in the Supreme Court tomorrow for the right of Pakistanis living abroad to vote. ‎

He said that the same way I won the Panama case, I will also win the case related to the right to vote of overseas Pakistanis.

Overseas Pakistanis have one crore votes, thieves and robbers also have some votes but in the overseas votes, 80 to 85 percent of the votes belong to Imran Khan.

Criticizing the current rulers, Sheikh Rasheed said that they have not spared journalism or journalists, I have not seen a government in my entire political life that proudly said that where 500 tear gas was needed, we have 650 to throw tear gas.

The former interior minister criticized the current interior minister and said that at that time people involved in crimes like drug trafficking, mercenary killings who became the spokesperson of this country, no one likes to salute an interior minister like Rana Sanaullah.

Sheikh Rasheed said that the establishment has also gained respect from yesterday’s election, the clean, transparent and dignified election has caused a wave of happiness among the people. .

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