EntertainmentThe end of 'Dobara' won the hearts of the Fans

The end of ‘Dobara’ won the hearts of the Fans

The end of the romantic drama ‘Dobara’, which started in October last year, won the hearts of the fans.

The audience was overwhelmed by the praises of the main characters Hadiqa Kayani and Bilal Abbas Khan.

The last episode of ‘Dobara’ aired on the night of June 15, in which the bitterness between the main characters Meharul Nisa (Hadiqa Kayani) and Mahir (Bilal Abbas Khan) was shown to be ending.

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Although the whole drama revolves around the romantic story of both the characters, there were many twists and turns in the story of the play and other events were also shown in it, which also created bitterness in the relationship between the main characters.

In the last episode, after the bitterness between the two, they were seen meeting again, and people were happy at the end of the play.

Some fans also complained about the last episode of the play, but overall people called the play the best drama ever.

The story of the play was written by Sarwat Nazir while it was directed by Danish Nawaz.


Despite the huge age difference between the main characters of the play, Hadiqa Kayani and Bilal Abbas Khan, the duo was appreciated.

In the play, Hadiqa Kayani’s first husband dies, many years after which she falls in love with her younger boy Bilal Abbas and marries him.

The play also deals with other socially outdated issues and is well-received for its storytelling.

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