PoliticsImran Khan first ever Podcast with Youtubers

Imran Khan first ever Podcast with Youtubers

Former Prime Minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that he came to know in July last year that the PML-N has a complete plan to overthrow our government, which is what they have just done.

Yes, they had been planning for a long time. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, along with well-known YouTubers Junaid Akram, Muzammil Hassan and Talha Ahad, in a podcast on social media, said that he had mixed reactions to what was done with our government.

Podcast with Imran Khan

Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq joined hands to make this external conspiracy a success.

Together they toppled an elected government. “Our only fault was that we wanted to pursue an independent foreign policy. Independent foreign policy does not mean being anti-American. I am not even against India. I am against the biased policy of BJP and RSS,” he said.

There are people in India with all kinds of thinking and I have been friends with them, so is the United States, I have had very good relations with the Trump administration, but all this was done because I wanted our Let there be relations with the United States and let there be no compromise on the interests of our people.

The former prime minister said that I wanted to cancel the visit to Russia only, not to cancel trade with Russia, to limit our relations with China, I was also asking for bases to keep an eye on Afghanistan, so they felt that because of me they will not be able to use Pakistan like tissue paper.

The chairman of PTI said that they overthrew the government of former Prime Minister of Iran Mossadek in the same way, but I am happy to say that I have never seen the Pakistani nation coming together in this way. Not divided but the nation took to the streets, record meetings were held, people were more angry at the imposition of corrupt people than the overthrow of the government through intervention, the courts have not yet taken any action against those who sell themselves.

He said that these people have taken complete control over social media but through social media people are becoming more and more aware. My experience of 26 years says that when I call for ‘real freedom march’ in Islamabad Most people in history will come out to the streets.

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