PoliticsThe United States is Ready to Rebuild Relations with Pakistan, Donald Bloom

The United States is Ready to Rebuild Relations with Pakistan, Donald Bloom

The new US ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Bloom, signaled Washington’s intention to move beyond the transition dispute through bilateral talks with the country’s government, political parties and civil society.

According to the Diariespk, Donald Bloom arrived in Pakistan late last month, taking charge of the US mission at a time of unique challenges and opportunities.

Although anti-American sentiments are deep in Pakistani society, these sentiments flared up when former Prime Minister Imran Khan alleged that he had been ousted through a US conspiracy to change the government and “liberated” from “slaves of external powers”.

Launched a public campaign demanding ‘ As a result, growing anti-American sentiment has become one of the biggest challenges for Washington in meeting its foreign policy goals in Pakistan.

However, new opportunities have emerged.

Donald Bloom is the first full-time US ambassador to Islamabad after a gap of almost four years.

He assumed responsibility at a time when bilateral relations were no longer a major issue in US relations following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan last year.

In an interview, the US ambassador reiterated his rejection of Imran Khan’s accusation of “change of government” and said that Washington was “very clear” about it.

“However, I think the best thing we can do to move forward is to keep in touch at all levels of Pakistani society, as we have for the last 75 years,” he said.

He said that these contacts would not be limited to the government but would extend to political leaders, business community, civil society and youth.

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