BusinessTransporters: Fares Increases After Hike in Fuel Prices

Transporters: Fares Increases After Hike in Fuel Prices

LAHORE: The current hike in fuel prices has started taking influence on common people as public transporters have increased their fares, ARY News reported.

Conferring to particulars, the Lahore transporters have increased fares for inter-city and intra-city bus travel.

The fare from Lahore to Karachi has been increased from Rs300 to Rs4000.

Correspondingly, the fare from Lahore to Rawalpindi and Peshawar have been jacked up by Rs 1850 and Rs2200 respectively.

Hike in fuel prices:

The federal government on Thursday increased petrol and diesel prices up to Rs30 per litre to decrease fuel subsidies.

Government Announces Increase in Petrol Price by Rs. 30

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail made the declaration at a press conference. He publicized to hike the petrol, diesel, light diesel and kerosene oil prices up to Rs30 per liter.

Later the current hike, the new price of petrol is Rs179.86 per litre, high-speed diesel (HSD) Rs174.15, kerosene oil Rs155.56 and light diesel Rs148.31 rupees.

Miftah Ismail had said the government was presently giving a subsidy of Rs56 per liter and so far bore Rs55 billion financial loss within 15 days.

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