TechnologyUK school appoints robot principal

UK school appoints robot principal

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has crossed another milestone, UK school appoints robot principal.

According to a foreign news agency, an AI robot, Abigail Bailey, appointed as the principal of a British school.

British boarding school Cottesmore in West Sussex has hired Abigail Bailey. Who is a chatbot created by an AI developer, to help the headmaster run the school.

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UK school appoints robot principal Abigail Bailey, an AI chatbot, is capable of translating multiple languages. And generating creative content and answering questions in an informative manner.

The AI bot will offer advice on a variety of topics, including how to support students and fellow teachers. It will also help school children who have additional needs.

“Sometimes having someone or something there to help you is a very calming effect,” he told The Telegraph newspaper. Being a school leader, a headmaster, is a very lonely job. Of course, we have headteacher groups but just having someone or something on tap to help you through that loneliness is very satisfying.”

“It’s nice to think that someone who is incredibly trained is there to help you make decisions,” he added.

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