EntertainmentUrwa Hocane expresses sorrow over Ejaz Aslam's statement

Urwa Hocane expresses sorrow over Ejaz Aslam’s statement

Leading actress Urwa Hocane has expressed regret over senior actor Ejaz Aslam’s remarks about her being heard on TV screen.

Ejaz Aslam had said in ‘The Couple Show’ a few days ago that he had heard that Urwa Hocane’s attitude towards fellow actors and directors during the shooting was not good.

He had made it clear that he had never seen such a thing himself and had never worked with Urwa Hocane but had heard some wrong things about her.

According to Ejaz Aslam, they have heard that Urwa Hocane had once slapped a director.

At the same time, he had said that if the allegations made about Urwa Hocane were true, then she needed to learn ethics, however, he could not say for sure that the allegations were true.

After the above statement of Ejaz Aslam, now Urwa Hocane has expressed regret over his words and said that seniors should understand that even a small wrong thing can ruin the mental health and career of juniors.

In a statement to the media, Urwa Hocane said that she respects all her seniors and at the same time she respects their opinion, however, she also hopes that while speaking to the seniors, word must be taken care of.

She said that seniors should think that showing responsibility when talking about juniors should be their first priority, because even a small mistake of theirs can ruin the mental health and career of others.

Without naming Ejaz Aslam, she said that it is true that she has creative discussions with her producers and directors and she does not know that their discussion seems inevitable to the playwrights.

The actress said in a statement that she had never worked with a person who criticized her, nor did she have any further opinion about him.

Urwa Hocane praised Agha Ali and Hina Altaf, the hosts of The Couple Show, for not following through on what Ejaz Aslam had said and for not supporting him.

On the other hand, Ejaz Aslam later clarified his statement on Instagram and said that he had made it clear that he had heard things about Urwa Hocane, he personally did not know anything in this regard.

Ejaz Aslam said in an explanatory statement that he respects all his fellow artists and his statement was published out of context.

There are those about whom they do not know whether they are true or false.

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