EntertainmentWelcome to Old Pakistan, Maya Ali

Welcome to Old Pakistan, Maya Ali

The power outage in the summer may not be pleasant for anyone, so the annoyance is certain.

Actress Maya Ali, who is tired of load shedding, welcomed the people in old Pakistan.

In Instagram Stories, Maya wrote with a short video of a burning candle that when you don’t even have the power to charge a UPS.

In the next story, the actress expressed her feelings like this, ‘Welcome to old Pakistan, where there is no electricity, load shedding is at its peak, life has become miserable once again, There is electricity for only 10 hours to work in 24 hours.

Maya further wrote regarding the 27th night of Ramadan that even though everyone is busy in worship today, load shedding is at its peak.

On the other hand, Shahbaz Sharif, who is holding the post of Prime Minister, has issued instructions to control load shedding from May 1 by making integrated management of fuel.

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