TechnologyWhat are the most downloaded apps?

What are the most downloaded apps?

What are the most downloaded apps? The report of the World Statistics Organization about the most downloaded websites worldwide has come out.

World of Statistics has released the list of the most downloaded applications worldwide in 2022 on social media site X.

According to this list, TikTok is the most downloaded app worldwide in 2022.

In the list of most popular applications, after Tik Tok, Instagram is second, Facebook is third, WhatsApp is fourth, Telegram is fifth, Subway Surfers is sixth, Stumble Guys is seventh, Spotify is eighth, Shein is ninth and Messenger is at tenth.

From this list, it can be inferred that the post-coronavirus effects were being felt in 2022 as business communication apps Zoom and Microsoft Teams were downloaded less this year. 

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Also, educational apps were downloaded less as schools and universities reverted to their traditional teaching systems this year.

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