TechnologyWhatsApp Will Launch IPad Version Soon

WhatsApp Will Launch IPad Version Soon

The iPad version of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, is expected to launch soon.

IPad users have long demanded a separate WhatsApp, but the company has not yet release it.

On several occasions, WhatsApp was seen testing the iPad app but never reached the final version.

However, now WhatsApp is finally planning to launch an iPad version as it was seen working on Multi Device 2.0.

Multi-device support allows users to log in to an account from four different devices, but WhatsApp still does not allow users to log in to an account from two different phones.

Sharing a screenshot of the iPad version of the app, WhatsApp Beta Info, a website that provides information regarding WhatsApp updates, wrote that Multi Device 2.0 will give people an additional mobile phone or tablet (WhatsApp for iPad / Android tablet) will be linked to the same WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is not currently optimized for tablets. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the WhatsApp on the tablet, you can still download the mobile version from the App Store and Play Store depending on your tablet’s OS.

After working on the feature for almost three years, WhatsApp has made the multi-device feature available to everyone.

The feature currently allows users to use the WhatsApp from four different accounts for one account.

However, there can be only one basic phone and the rest of the devices can be your laptop and so on.

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