Latest NewsWhy did the Baltimore Bridge collapse so quickly

Why did the Baltimore Bridge collapse so quickly

A bridge at Baltimore, the 9th busiest port in the US used for shipping foreign cargo, collapsed after a cargo ship hit it.

According to foreign media, experts say that the bridge in Baltimore collapsed in a moment due to the impact of the cargo ship, due to which the sources of employment of many people are feared to be affected, while it may also cause economic and social disruption.

Why did the Baltimore Bridge collapse so quickly?

After this accident, many questions related to this collision have arisen like why the plane hit the bridge? Why did the bridge collapse so quickly after the collision? Why was the bridge not made safe for such accidents?

Experts explain that it is too early to tell what happened when the 948-foot-long Singaporean-flagged cargo ship ‘Dali’ hit the bridge, resulting in the bridge, which has been in place since 1977, collapsing. It piled up in a moment.

He said that during the construction of such a bridge, care is taken to take safety measures in case of such accidents, and safeguards are also ensured during construction.

However, such a large bridge can surely collapse like this only in case of an overwhelming force or a major accident.

According to experts, this is not the first bridge that has collapsed in this way, but before that, between 1960 and 2015, 35 major bridges have suffered various accidents.

The bridge is 180 feet above the river, which was opened in 1977, and about 30,000 vehicles use the bridge daily.

Reports also state that Baltimore is one of the largest ports in the US for specialized cargo ships.

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