PoliticsWoman Set On Fire When Rape Attempt Failed

Woman Set On Fire When Rape Attempt Failed

FAISALABAD: A woman was apparently set on fire by her tenant after she battled his attempt to rape her, the local police said on Saturday.

As per particulars, the incident took place in Dajkot area of Faisalabad.

Where a man named Kashif, who is a tenant of the woman, tried to rape her after finding her alone in the home.

Upon fighting of the woman, Kashif allegedly set the woman on fire.

Said the neighbors in their declaration to the police.

Acting on the introductory investigation, the police arrested Kashif, the alleged rapist and underway additional investigation into the matter.

In the meantime, the woman moved to Allied Hospital in critical condition due to her burn injuries.

In one such incident, a girl allegedly sexually attacked by a rickshaw driver within the limits of Khangarh police station.

Rendering to police, the girl travelling in the rickshaw when she forcefully raped by the suspect. The police said that they have arrested the suspected rickshaw driver. “The victim and the suspect are currently undergoing medical examination,” they said.

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