EntertainmentYumna Zaidi cast in American filmmaker's Arabic superhero film

Yumna Zaidi cast in American filmmaker’s Arabic superhero film

Actress Yumna Zaidi will soon be seen in a Pakistani-American filmmaker’s film based on an Arabic superhero.

Yumna Zaidi made her acting debut in 2005 but has not appeared in any Pakistani film yet and will now start her career with an English language American film based on the Arabic superhero.

Yes, Yumna Zaidi will soon be seen in Pakistani-American filmmaker Ajmal Zaheer Ahmed’s superhero comedy ‘Crester and the Night Stalin’, the first teaser of which has been released.

Actress Yumna Zaidi and other cast including filmmaker Ajmal Zaheer shared the teaser of the film on social media while the director expressed happiness that they are going to make on Arab superheroes.

He also mentioned the Arab actor Abdullah Jassim, who played the lead role in the film, in the post and while releasing the teaser of the film, he also mentioned Yumna Zaidi in his post.

It is difficult to understand the story from the teaser of the released English language film, however, there are indications that it will present the Arab traditions in a humorous way.

The story of the film revolves around Arab people living abroad and their traditions and it shows that Arab people and especially Arab mothers live anywhere in the world, they do not forget their traditions.

The teaser shows very brief glimpses of Yumna Zaidi’s character, due to which nothing can be said about her character.

Releasing the teaser, it has been hinted that ‘Crestor and the Night Stalin’ will be released soon, and fans have been asked on which streaming website they would like to see the film.

It is expected that ‘Crestor and the Night Stalin’ will be released on a web streaming service like Netflix, Amazon, Sony or Paramount.

After the said film, it is believed that Yumna Zaidi will also appear in Pakistani films.

She has not acted in any feature film till date, however, she has appeared in a few telefilms and she has a reputation as a TV actress.

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