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21 Amazing Secrets of the Brain

Have you ever tried to figure out how your brain works? In fact, it is not possible to clear your mind of thoughts, but it is possible to know about your brain.

Scientists have revealed amazing facts about the human brain that you may not even know about or have never thought about.

1. An adult human brain weighs about three pounds. The average human brain weighs 2.9 pounds (1336 grams) and the female 2.6 pounds (1198 grams), but the larger brain does not mean more intelligence. In fact, Albert Einstein’s brain weighed only 2.7 pounds. Is one of the most intelligent human beings.

2. Your brain can generate enough electricity to light a 25-watt bulb.

3. Very few people have a sense of accompaniment, meaning they can hear the colors, smell the words, and see an idea in space.

4. Why we dream is still a scientific mystery. Some scientists believe that this is the way our brain exercises during sleep, while others claim that it helps the brain absorb memories and thoughts throughout the day.

5. A condition called Face Blindness targets 2.5% of the population. According to a 2012 Stanford University study, if parts of the brain that are essential for recognizing human faces were damaged, it would not be possible for affected people to remember faces and they would be able to remember human faces. See in the form of food or food items.

6. You can’t tickle yourself because your forbidden brain prevents you from doing so. The medulla oblongata, which is responsible for bodily movements, prevents the prediction and response of sensations, and that is why one cannot tickle oneself, although this habit was once considered a form of strengthening social ties.

7. In some societies, animal brains are considered a delicious food.

8. Your brain uses at least 20% of the oxygen your body receives. This is because the brain needs three times more oxygen than your muscles.

9. If your brain does not have pain receptors or sensory organs, then in fact your brain does not feel ‘pain’ at all. Although the brain recognizes and processes pain with the help of your spinal cord, the fact is that the brain cells and parts feel the pain and that is why brain surgery can be done while an individual is awake.

10. People who lose limbs can use glass as a therapy to control imaginary pain. This imaginary pain is felt by 90% of people who have lost limbs, however, glass therapy helps the brain to return to normal sensory patterns.

11. It is absolutely wrong that man cannot use even 10% of his brain. In fact, man can use more than ten percent of his brain because there is no part of the brain that is not active.

12. Most right-handed people analyze language from the left side of their brain, but left-handed people often use both parts.

13. The human brain continues to develop until the age of 25.

14. The brain is the only organ that can contaminate itself.

15. Google can weaken the brain

A Columbia University study found that the more you rely on the Internet, the less brain function you will have, meaning that the brain will get better over time. Researchers say that we need to understand our thoughts and ideas and avoid memorizing them.

16. There is a connection between memories of the past, music and the mind

A 2010 study found that just listening to a childhood song triggers a wave of happiness in the brain that forces memories of that time to emerge.

17. The mind gets lost easily while shopping

Two new research reports show that when people who are depressed, sleep deprived or over-conscious are exposed to deceptive advertisements, they are tempted to buy the product. One study found that the brain subconsciously forces humans to buy more expensive items in order to influence people.

18. It is easy to fall prey to an addiction

One study found that certain habits, such as overeating, popularity on Facebook, or activities that overwhelm others, make the part of the brain feel happier when a drug addict is over. In contrast, exercise, spending time with friends, etc. can also stimulate the brain.

19. Color changer

As mentioned above, men have higher brain volume than women, but that does not mean that they are more intelligent. The change is due to the brain, while men are more likely to have ADHD or language problems.

20. Smartphones scare the brain

One study found that spending less than an hour on a mobile phone stimulates the parts of the brain that are closest to the phone’s antenna, although the mobile phone does not cause cancer but emanates from the phone. Radiation can cause sleep problems and so on.

21. Some parts of the brain never sleep

Good sleep at night is important for you, because it improves memory, because when we are asleep, the brain collects memory and solidifies it, sleep helps to analyze memories and the brain makes decisions which memory is important and which is unnecessary.

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