BlogHow long does it take a cat to forget a person

How long does it take a cat to forget a person

You’ve probably heard that no matter how far away cats are from their favorite home, they’re incredibly good at remembering names and even the location of their last meal.

Do cats have memories?

Yes! Experts about cats say that they also have memory, and their strong memory is what makes them different from other animals.

Experts say that it is clear that cats can remember, for example, cats never forget the name given by their owner.

Cat lovers often worry that their pet cats will miss them if they go away for long periods.

Experts say cats express their emotions differently than dogs, but that doesn’t mean they’ll forget you or love dogs any less.

But the real question is how does their memory work?

Experts say that cats have a short-term memory of about 16 hours, which is useful for their daily routine, remembering practical things like where their food is or where to hide in the house. Cats can also remember what places to avoid and where to escape to avoid danger.

When it comes to long-term memory, studies show that a cats can retain certain life events in their brain for up to three years, provided those events are important to them.

Like humans, a cat’s memory begins to decline with age, usually around age 12.

Do cats remember their owners?

Of course, cats remember their owners.

Because the cat’s owner provides the necessities for their survival, such as food and shelter, cats usually remember their human companions for life.

Cats have a very strong sense of smell that helps them navigate and mark their territory, thanks to their ability to sense scents, cats can ‘find their way home’ and ‘where their essentials are’. For example, keep their bed, litter box, toys, etc.

So, the next time you come home from a long trip and worry that your cat may have forgotten you, the answer is, calm down, it hasn’t.

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