BlogDiscovery of a rare baby shark in New Zealand

Discovery of a rare baby shark in New Zealand

Wellington, A rare baby shark found in the depths of the ocean has been discovered that looks like a creature from another world.

According to British TV, ghost sharks, also known as camaraderie, are hard to see, while their babies are almost impossible to see.

The baby was found at an altitude of 1.2 km off the coast of New Zealand, which had just hatched.

The team of scientists said that this discovery will help to understand the stages of pregnancy of the ghost shark.

Ghost Shark
Ghost Shark

Dr. Bert Finochi, a member of the team, said that the discovery of the baby shark was accidental. In fact, research was being done on the population of underwater aquatic life when the baby hatched from an egg.

He also said that the creatures found in the depths of the oceans are not commonly seen, especially this type of shark.

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