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‘During pregnancy, the mother used to feed the wife apples so that the baby would be white,’ Shoaib Malik

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik has revealed that when his wife Sania Mirza was pregnant, her mother used to feed her a lot of apples so that her unborn child would be white.

Speaking on a program, Shoaib Malik said that every woman in the world should have confidence that she is beautiful.

Cricketer Shoaib Malik along with actress Ushna Shah recently participated in Nada Yasir’s Ramadan program ‘Shaan-e-Suhoor’, where the two also talked about their personal life, career and other issues.

During the show, Shoaib Malik revealed that he will be seen playing a small role in director and actor Yasir Nawaz’s upcoming film, however, he did not elaborate further.

During the program, Ushna Shah mentioned the criticism of people regarding his color and said that he drives herself to the gym because she likes it but people have a problem with the color of their hands.

She said that the pictures of my hands and face were compared on social media and at the same time I advised them to wash their hands while they do not know that the color of hands has nothing to do with washing hands.

The color of my hands was burned by the sun, but people do not know why in every case they are fond of speaking.

In response to Ushna Shah, Shoaib Malik said that all women in the world are beautiful and women should also believe in this and remain confident.

At the same time, he revealed that his mother-in-law used to feed his wife Sania Mirza more and more apples during her pregnancy, because she believed that the child born by eating apples was white.

On this point of Shoaib Malik, Ushna Shah said that his son is blonde, to which Shoaib Malik said that his mother-in-law’s tip worked, so you should advise all women to eat apples.

Speaking further about the color, Ushna Shah said that I do not understand what is the problem of people with black color while their crush actor ‘Kobe Bryant’ also has black color.

Mentioning her personal life, the actress said that her father was from Persia from behind and everyone in my heart was very white.

One day at a party, one of my uncles told me that you are 60% beautiful and 40% Attractive, I was amazed to hear why beauty is related to white in people’s minds.

She further said that in our showbiz industry, there are many lovely actresses of Sanvli color.

Ushna Shah also mentioned an illusion believed in her house and she said that it is believed that if a person jumps on top of you, you will be short in stature. Nida Yasir also supported.

Talking about his personal life, Shoaib Malik said that neither Sania nor I have dominance over each other but if I fly on something then I prove to be very stubborn.

In response to a question about what Sania is afraid of, Shoaib said that his favorite hobby is kite flying but if he goes for more than two days to fulfill this hobby, then Sania considered its bad and got angry. 

At the same time, he advised married women that they should not stop their husbands from pursuing some of their husbands’ hobbies which are not bad.

Asked when he would give the good news of his next child, the cricketer said: “My wife is an athlete and just as I would not like someone to tell me to stop playing, it is also appropriate for Sania.”

It will not happen, so the decision is left to her to continue her career as long as she wants, the rest is God’s will.

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