BlogEat cashews, be safe from Depression

Eat cashews, be safe from Depression

According to nutritionists, “Cashew” Nut is very useful in protecting against depression.

According to health experts, tryptophan reduces stress and eliminates sleep disturbances, and also plays an important role in the better development of growing children.

Cashews also contain some fatty acids that play an important role in controlling cholesterol and relieving heart disease.

Cashews are a good source of vitamin B-12, which helps a lot in relieving stress.

Depression is a common problem in today’s life, so using cashews can help you get rid of depression.

The magnesium found in cashews helps to increase the level of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a chemical which is very important for keeping the nerves calm.

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Other than that cashews is also a big source of protein.

The copper in it helps in controlling the activity of enzymes, hormone production, brain functions etc.

With the onset of winter, comes the spring of dried fruits. These fruits are use in a variety of salty and sweet dishes.

In winter season, we must use dried fruits to improve our health.

These nuts also have a pleasant taste of cashew fruit. When you think of cashews, the first thing that comes to mind is “cashew sweet” which is a favorite dessert. Cashews, whether fried in salt water or fried with salt and pepper, are delicious.

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Cashews can also adds to any curry and cut into small pieces and use in salads. Carrot and ginger broth can thickened by adding cashews.

They can also add to Vegetable Rice and vegetable salad. It can consum in moderation i.e. 10 cashews daily, it gives about 100 calories.

The fat in cashews is considers “good fat”. Cashew is a healthy dry fruit. Which protects us from diseases of the arteries connected to the heart.

This dry fruit lowers cholesterol levels. Also contains calcium and magnesium in the bones and helps in building muscle. Cashew has find useful in many diseases:


100 grams of cashew nuts contains 100 calories and 51 grams of fat. It is a good fat and is good for our health. Cashews do not contain unhealthy fats. It helps in controlling diabetes. While the “active compounds” found in cashews inhibit the growth of sugar and the potassium in it helps in maintaining the level of sugar in the body. Cashews contain some fatty acids which increase the amount of good cholesterol in our body and also strengthen the heart and reduce the chances of heart attack.

Prevention of cancer

Cashews fight cancer cells and keep colon cancer at bay.

Strong bones

Like calcium, magnesium and copper are important for bone health. It is present in cashews. Cashews are a beneficial food for growing children. Minerals in cashews, especially copper and zinc, help in physical development, thus strengthening the bones of children.

How to use cashews?

  • Eating empty stomach in morning with honey helps in the treatment of forgetfulness.
  • It is also a useful food for cold tempered people.
  • Cashew fruit juice is also considered useful in pain and inflammation.
  • The oil of its peels is obtained by soaking it in vinegar which is beneficial in massaging eczema.
  • The marrow of its brain is powerful for heart and mind.
  • Its oil is applied to get rid of body warts and boils.
  • Its brain relieves pain in the roots of teeth.

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