PoliticsGovernor Punjab fired despite President's resistance

Governor Punjab fired despite President’s resistance

The federal government announced last night that Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema has been removed from office on the advice of the Prime Minister sent to the President on April 17.

According to the media, the busiest day of the Punjab government ended with the announcement of the Cabinet Division.

Earlier, the President had rejected the proposal to remove the Governor of Punjab.

Earlier, a proposal to remove the Governor of Punjab from office was rejected by the President.

The President, Dr. Arif Alvi, had rejected the Prime Minister’s summary using Article 101 (3).

According to the article, the governor can remain in office at the “will” of the president until the president removes him.

The PTI believes that Article 101 (3), read along with Article 48 (2) of the Constitution, clearly states that “the President shall act at his discretion in any matter, the Constitution authorizing him to do so”.

Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema has also resorted on the base of Articles 101 (3) and 48 (2).

He has referred to the said articles in various tweets.

He said that instead of removing the governor from office on the advice of the Prime Minister, automatic action would be taken after the deadline for taking action on the President’s case had expired.

Earlier, PML-N Home Minister Rana Sanaullah had advised Governor Cheema to go home in a dignified manner.

As President, Arif Alvi has made sure that he does not take part in any activity that could provoke public outrage in the coming days.

Rana Sanaullah had said that Arif Alvi and Umar Cheema should abide by the orders of the Supreme Court, which said that the president has no “hereditary” or “immortal” powers.

Sensing an attack on the government’s action, Governor Cheema tweeted that the Sicilian Mafia had taken the Governor’s House hostage and that he was “ready to attack the post with unconstitutional summaries and notifications”.

It was also stated in the notification of the federal government that the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly would perform the duties of acting governor till the appointment of the incumbent governor as per Article 104 of the Constitution.

This development will change not only the situation in the Governor House but also in the Punjab Assembly.

As Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi will have to resign from his post to take over the post of acting governor while Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari’s inclination is towards (PML-N).

Remember that both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker are facing a no-confidence movement in the House.

In a tweet released on the President’s Twitter account yesterday, he said, “The President has informed the Prime Minister of Pakistan that the Governor of Punjab cannot be removed without his approval.”

Rejecting the prime minister’s advice in his note, the president wrote that the incumbent governor could not be removed because he has not been charged with any misconduct, nor has he been convicted by any court, nor has he committed any act contrary to the constitution.

The President had said, “As Head of State, it is my duty to represent the unity of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in accordance with Article 41 of the Constitution.”

As the removal of the PTI appointed governor delays with each passing day, turmoil is growing in the PML-N-led coalition government in Punjab as it faces failure to form a provincial cabinet.

The PML-N has been delaying the formation of the cabinet since Hamza Shahbaz was sworn in as chief minister.

He fears that Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema will not take oath from the provincial ministers.

Earlier, the governor had refused to administer oath to Hamza against the advice of the Lahore High Court, which had later directed the Speaker of the National Assembly to do so.

In his note to the Prime Minister, the President also highlighted the constitutional role of the Governor, stating that Omar Cheema had informed him of the unfortunate incidents in the Punjab Assembly, the veracity of the resignation of former Chief Minister Usman Bazdar and the deviation of PTI.

A report was sent regarding the change in the loyalty of the members.

Rejecting the suggestion of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, President Alvi said that he believed that removal of the governor would be unjust and against the principles of justice.

He emphasized the need for the incumbent governor to promote a healthy and clean democratic system where members could not be coerced or bought into bringing about illegal change.

He said that Article 63A of the Constitution specifically discourages such activities.

The President also highlighted that he is determined to stand by the provisions of the Constitution in this difficult time and strongly rejects the Prime Minister’s suggestion to remove the Governor of Punjab.

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