BlogIn the UK, a photo bought for just $30 turned out to...

In the UK, a photo bought for just $30 turned out to be worth $50 million

LONDON – A $30 painting bought from a sale of antiques has turned out to be a masterpiece from hundreds of years ago and experts have suggested a minimum price of $50 million.

According to media reports, The G-News Gallery reported that the painting was purchased from Yard Sale in 2017, in which people sell their old items outside their homes on Sundays.

This photo was actually taken by the famous painter of the Second Resurrection, Albrecht Durer. Albrecht was a famous historical artist who died in 1528.

Albrecht Durer

The subject of this drawing was The Virgin and Child. Although all of Albrecht’s masterpieces have been discovered, these important images were hidden from experts.

Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471 - 1528 ), Saint Eustace, c. 1500/1501, engraving, Gift of R. Horace Gallatin
A Grey hound

That is why it has been described as a rare painting. The painting was completed in 1503, according to Clifford Shorer, an archeologist associated with the gallery.

It eventually reached a bookstore owner and has been with the art gallery ever since.

However, much work has been done to substantiate this claim, as many such claims have been proven to be false in the past.

But Clifford traveled internationally on 17 flights for three consecutive years and talked to the world’s top experts about the painting and everyone confirmed it.

A panel of experts at the London Museum, led by experts who wrote essays on Albrecht’s life. All experts put the potential value at at least $50 million.

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