EntertainmentJunaid Khan's motivational video won Indian award

Junaid Khan’s motivational video won Indian award

The motivational video made by actor Junaid Khan has won the ‘Global Content Award’ of Indian streaming website ‘Zee Five’.

In a motivational video of about 7 minutes, Junaid Khan is seen talking about various issues and topics of life related to his caste.

The video shows the actor talking to himself alone at home, but at the same time scenes of the outside world are also made a part of the video.

The short video series has been named ‘Keh Do’ by the actor, the first episode of which he released on August 8, 2020 and his first video of the same series has been awarded.

Junaid Khan expressed his happiness over the awarding of his video in an Instagram post and also thanked the members of his team.

His video was directed by Moiz Abbas who was also the executive producer of this video.

Moiz Abbas also confirmed in an Instagram post that the video of Junaid Khan made by him has been given ‘Zee Five’s Global Content Award 2022’.

Apart from Junaid Khan’s video, all the other awards in the same category were given by Z5 to videos of people of Indian origin.

Zee Five’s Junaid Khan’s Urdu language video was nominated in the ‘Hindi Language’ category and given an award.

A total of 6 awards were given for the video series, of which only one video was in English.

All the other five Zee Five Global Content Award winning videos were of Indian descent but the only one was Junaid Khan’s foreign video, which was given the award.

Junaid Khan also congratulated the other award winning content creators and video producers and directors.

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