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‘Lafangey’ Banned for Obscene Language and Gestures

The Pakistan Board of Film Censors (CBFC) has banned the release on Eid-ul-Adha horror comedy film ‘Lafangey’ due to obscene language and sexual gestures.

The trailer of Sami Khan, Mani, Saleem Meraj and Mubeen Gabol’s film was released at the end of last June and it was announced that it would be released on Eid-ul-Adha.

The story of the horror comedy film revolves around 4 young people who have big dreams but do not know how to fulfill them.

It is difficult to understand the story of the film from the released trailer, however, there are indications that the film will show not only dark comedy but also horror and romance.

In the film directed by Abdul Khaliq Khan and produced by Tariq Habib Rind, Nazish Jahangir has played the role of Bhootni but now the Central Film Censor Board has banned its screening.

The film’s director Abdul Khaliq Khan and the producer expressed frustration over the ban on the release of ‘Lafangey’, saying that the board had the authority to release controversial dialogues but instead of doing so, the board stopped showing it.

Muhammad Arshad Munir, chairman of the Film Censor Board, while talking to ‘Independent Urdu’, confirmed that the screening of ‘Lafangey’ has banned.

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He said that most of the board members of the film had decided that Lafangey is not suitable for screening.

Mohammad Arshad Munir said that a lot of obscene words have been used in the film, while words full of sexuality have also been used.

‘Lafangey’ Trailer

He said that the obscene dialogues included in ‘Lafangey’ are against the values ​​of Pakistani society, so the film could not be allowed to released.

The chairman of the film board said that the Lafangey team has the right to appeal to the film board.

The film producer also expressed frustration over the ban on ‘Lafangey’, saying that it was his first film as a producer and that he intended to invest in more films but the censor board stopped his investment efforts.

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