PoliticsLondon: PTI Protests in Front of Pakistani High Commission

London: PTI Protests in Front of Pakistani High Commission

LONDON: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workforces staged a sit-in in front of the Pakistan High Commission in London, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Throughout the protest, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) marched a petition in the Pakistan High Commission expressing anxiety over the human rights condition in Pakistan.

The appeal mentions Hamad Azhar, Usman Dar and other PTI leaders, who were tortured during the Azadi Long March on the command of the federal government.

PTI London leader Sahib zada Jahangir said in a declaration that the appeal would also be passed over to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He said that police in Pakistan are torturing protesters, and unfair arrests are trying to destroy peaceful protesters.

Earlier, the Azadi Long March of PTI reached Jinnah Avenue by eliminating all the barriers placed by the government to avoid the protestors from reaching Islamabad.

Speaking the masses, ousted prime minister Imran Khan gave six-day challenge to the federal government to dissolve assemblies and pronounce fresh elections.

Imran Khan said the government tried every technique to crush our march, they used teargas on peaceful protest, our homes were raided and the confidentiality of the homes were violated.

Imran Khan said three PTI workers lost their lives in Karachi while two workers were thrown off Ravi Bridge and thousands of others were arrested.

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