SportsMike Tyson's airplane punched attack

Mike Tyson’s airplane punched attack

U.S. police have launched an investigation into former American heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson’s beating of a man on a plane.

Police in San Francisco, California, are investigating after a video of a former boxer beating a passenger during a flight went viral, according to the news agency ‘Associated Press’.

A spokesman for Mike Tyson reported that the boxer had beaten up a man sitting near him on a plane ready to fly to Florida at San Francisco Airport when the man repeatedly mocked Mike Tyson.

Videos shared by the American showbiz website TMZ show that the man on the plane went crazy with joy when he saw Mike Tyson sitting nearby and started talking about the boxer.

According to reports, the boxer beat him after he was repeatedly teased by a fan and allegedly threw an empty water bottle at Mike Tyson.

TMZ also shared a video of Mike Tyson beating a fan, which went viral around the world.

In the viral video, Mike Tyson can be seen beating the fan with full force, while later the face of the fan was also seen covered with blood.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident after a video of a boxer beating a fan surfaced, however no major developments were made immediately and the victim’s health is out of danger.

Mike Tyson set the record for the youngest heavyweight champion by defeating Trevor Berbeck in 1986 at the age of 20.

Iron Mike has won 50 of 58 professional fights in his illustrious career and quit boxing after losing to Kevin McBride in 2005.

However, Mike Tyson returned to the wrestling ring in November 2020 and on his return he had his first fight with Joy Jones.

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