Entertainment'Ms Marvel' Released, First Episode also Includes 3 Pakistani Songs

‘Ms Marvel’ Released, First Episode also Includes 3 Pakistani Songs

The wait for comic book and superhero movie fans is over and Marvel Studios has released the web series ‘Miss Marvel’ based on the first Muslim and Pakistani superhero girl ‘Kamala Khan’.

Miss Marvel was released worldwide on Disney Plus on June 8, but will soon be shown in cinemas in Pakistan.

“Miss Marvel” is the first web series in the United States or Hollywood to date in which Pakistani characters are portrayed in a positive light.

Before that, Pakistanis were generally portrayed as terrorists or extremists.

Miss Marvel’s story revolves around a Pakistani-born New Jersey girl named Kamala Khan, who has unique talents but her family and especially her father and mother are like a traditional Pakistani family.

The web series also includes other Pakistani actors, including Nimrah Bacha, Mahwish Hayat, Fawad Khan and Samina Ahmed, while Indian actors have also been cast in it and Urdu phrases are frequently heard in the web series.

It has already been rumored that ‘Cook Studio Season 14’ song ‘Peechay Hutt’ will be a part of ‘Miss Marvel’, but now that the first episode of the web series has been released, it will feature more Pakistani songs.

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The first season of ‘Miss Marvel’ has 6 episodes and its first episode was released on June 8, which includes at least three Pakistani songs.

Among the Pakistani songs included in the first episode is Ahmed Rushdie’s song ‘Koko Korina‘.

In addition, the first episode also includes popular actress Naheed Akhtar’s song ‘Sohniye I Love You‘.

The first episode also includes the song ‘Rozi‘ by Baloch singer Eva B, who gained fame from ‘Kana Yari’ of ‘Cook Studio Season 14’ and she also shared a video of it on Instagram.

It is being speculated that other episodes of the web series, including the second one, may include several popular Pakistani songs, however, it is too early to say anything in this regard.

According to Marvel, the first episode also featured songs by Pakistani-born British singer Riz Ahmed, while Indian actor Rajni Kant’s song “O Ninba” was also included in the first episode of the web series.

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