BusinessOwners of The ‘Chakki’ Increased Price of Flour by Rs5 Per Kg

Owners of The ‘Chakki’ Increased Price of Flour by Rs5 Per Kg

As wheat became more luxurious in the grain markets, owners of the ‘Chakki’ increased the price of flour by Rs5 per kg on Friday.

Conferring to the 24News HD TV channel, the tsunami of inflation in the city commenced to anger the poor as the wheat prices in grain markets rose by Rs100 to Rs3,100 per quintal.

Later the upsurge in Atta prices, the citizens have become upset in Punjab. An auto-rickshaw driver giving a response said he is a father of 4 children and it has become very problematic to feed them. He urged the government should not to steal a piece of bread from their mouth.

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