BusinessRailways Decided to Decrease Train Fares by 5 To 10 Percent

Railways Decided to Decrease Train Fares by 5 To 10 Percent

LAHORE: The Ministry of Railways has decided to decrease train fares by 5 to 10 percent following the decrease in prices of petroleum products, News reported on Friday.

According to facts, Railways Minister Saaf Rafique has directed the management to reduce train fares afterward the government reduced petrol and diesel prices by Rs18.50 per litre and diesel by Rs40.54 per litre correspondingly.

A meeting to review and notify the train fares will be directed soon under the chairmanship of Secretary Railways Zafar Ranjha. Sources told News that fares of freight and parcel trains are also probable to be reduced.

It is relevant to reference that last month the Ministry of Railways doubled the train fares. The Railway Department had amplified the fares of all passenger trains by 15 per cent and freight trains by 25 per cent.

A day previous, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif publicized a reduction in the prices of petroleum products.

Speaking the nation, the prime minister publicized that the price of petrol was being cut by Rs18.50 per litre and diesel by Rs40.54 per litre. The new price of petrol will be Rs230.24 per litre while diesel will be obtainable at Rs236 per litre.

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