TechnologyRobot waitress in China?

Robot waitress in China?

Robot waitress in China working in a restaurant surprised viewers with her ability to work.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has overtaken human jobs, such as a waitress in China. 

In a video shared on a Chinese social media platform, whoever saw the robot with the Android system believed it to be a real woman. 

The video shows a woman serving food to customers with robotic-like movements. Some believe it’s a humanoid robot, but others say it’s a human acting.

A TikTok video of the clip has been viewed more than 70,000 times.

A fully human-looking robot waitress in China is capable of interacting with people, welcoming people to the restaurant, taking customers’ orders, delivering the order to their table.

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According to the South China Morning Post, it is not a robot but a real person who serves customers.

The woman owns a hotpot restaurant and is a professional dancer, the outlet said. In a video first posted by a friend, she “dances” while pouring drinks and serving food. China recently revealed big plans to become a world leader in humanoid robotics, so it’s not entirely ridiculous to wonder if the server wasn’t human enough.

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