EntertainmentSahiba’s Controversial Statement

Sahiba’s Controversial Statement

The popular film actress of the past has been criticized for expressing her desire for boys instead of girls.

A few days ago, she attended Nida Yasir’s show with her husband Afzal Khan alias Rambo and their two sons Ahsan and Afzal, where they talked about family life and career.

For the first time in the program, the sons of the two also spoke in public and said that they have not yet made any decision to come to the showbiz.

In response to a question from the host of the program, she said that she was interested in having a son and at the same time she thanked God for not giving her daughters in those days.

The actress further explained that there is a lot of pressure on daughters, they can never do their own thing in life.

She said that daughters are pressured first by their parents and then by their husbands, they cannot do anything they want.

When his wife said such a thing, Rambo intervened and jokingly asked her if she could do what she wanted. And what pressure does the husband have on them? To which the lady smiled and said that she meant that the girls could not do as they wished.

At the same time, the lady also expressed her wish that if she were a boy, she would be able to do as she pleases.

The video of her saying this went viral and many people including showbiz personalities also criticized her and used harsh language against her while declaring her thinking wrong. A

ctress Karan Taebeer and other personalities including actor Muammar Rana also disagreed with the statement of the actress while other people also reminded her that there is no pressure on fate, the fate of boys can also be bad too.

Some people asked her if she thought the same about girls, then what would she look for in her sons?

Some people reminded her that daughters are sympathetic to their parents whereas only those who are fortunate get daughters.

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