BusinessSlow internet speed in Pakistan during cable repair

Slow internet speed in Pakistan during cable repair

Pakistan Telecommunications (PTA) has already warned Internet users across the country that they may face slow internet on the night of April 21.

According to a statement issued by PTA, power reconfiguration on a portion of the international submarine cable, SMW4, may cause users to experience difficulties in internet services.

According to the statement, due to the said process, users may face late internet on April 21, i.e. from 2 pm to 7 am.

Alternative measures will be taken to meet the bandwidth requirement and provide fully functional and uninterrupted internet services to the customers as soon as possible, the statement said.

According to the PTA, the company will try to ensure that the availability of internet services throughout the country remains normal during internet cable service, however, consumers may face some difficulties.

Internet services in Pakistan have been affected several times before due to service or malfunction of submarine cables.

Internet service in the country is usually slowed down due to repair or malfunction of submarine cables.

Earlier in February this year, the internet speed in the country slowed down due to the collapse of Trans World Associates (TWA), one of the two license holders of international landing stations of submarine cables.

Earlier in December 2021, PTA had also arranged for alternative bandwidth channels to compensate for the glitch in the international submarine cable in view of reports of slow internet speed across the country.

Internet users in Pakistan also experienced a disruption in Internet service in October 2021 when a submarine cable broke down near Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates.

Earlier, in February 2021, one of the 6 international submarine cables of the country had a faulty cable at Abu Talat near Egypt, which affected internet services across Pakistan, which was later disrupted by TWA.

The last few years have seen a significant increase in internet usage across Pakistan and now where people use mobiles and computers, many businesses in the country have also gone digital and have been connected to the internet.

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