TechnologySmartwatch saved American student's life

Smartwatch saved American student’s life

A smartwatch saved the life of a student at Wilmington University in the US state of Delaware.

According to foreign media, the student says that when she woke up, her condition was not better. She started feeling tired even after waking up.

She said that after having breakfast she tried to climb the stairs to go to her room but she could not climb and fell back.

The student said that she realized that something was wrong. But she was not in a position to call anyone as her body started to collapse and her mobile phone was not within her reach.

She added that while she was in control of her senses. She dialed the emergency number from the Apple smartwatch on her wrist and informed the rescue authorities that there was a possible carbon monoxide leak in her house. The life was in danger after which the rescue authorities took immediate action and saved the life of the student.

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