BlogSuccess Comes With Hard Work!

Success Comes With Hard Work!

How does it feel when a person’s efforts are successful, when instead of walking on the ground, he looks full on the sky. When people admire his work.

Last night a movie clip on social media forced me to lift my pen and makes me thrilled to write this article.

This was the trailer of Pakistan’s new upcoming film “John“. The main cast of this movie includes versatile actor Salim Zafar, Romansa Khan, Aashir Wajahat and Raza Samo.

With YouTube Platform, many talented individuals from Pakistan are showcasing their abilities and making it big among the masses. One needs to be more careful and subtle when a large portion of your country follow you and look up to you. Discussing the growing YouTube trend in Pakistan, a well-known name in the community recently became an inspiration.

Ali Raza, known as Raza Samo, is a Larkana-based singer, director & actor who is a sensation of social media now a days. He has followers in millions. His working style make him unique among the other youngsters.

Raza Samo started his career as a Director and an actor of KhujLee Family on Youtube channel “Awesamo Family”. He is much talented roaster, actor and singer as well.

His funny dialogue becomes trending meme on social media “Bau Rami Raja G, Bau Rami

It is very rare that any YouTube content creators share his dark past and life long experiences with his viewers. The famous YouTuber of Pakistan shared his crucial life journey with his fans in a video which he uploaded in 2019 on his YouTube channel after crossing 1 million subscribers.

Carrying an artistic mind, Raza always found different ways to entertain his friends which resulted in a bigger social circle. Lost in this fun, Raza didn’t realize that his grades are going down after each semester. What changed his life was that in his last semester, his CGPA dropped down and the university kicked him out. That was the time when hiss unimagined dark era started.

Terrified and devastated, Raza didn’t know what to do as he couldn’t even tell his parents or go back home. Packing things from his hostel room to leave and no place to go forced him to loan out some money from his friends and he rented a small room. Days passing by and no money on hand lead him into severe depression and he started taking drugs.

He used to do “Hashish” and eventually, went onto “Crystal Meth” out of extreme stress. Crystal Meth is one of the deadliest drugs in the world and he was taking it for the last 2 months. One of his addicted friends’ death make him realize and he decided to quit drug addiction.

At that time, he made preparations for admission in NCA, but even there he could not succeed. He tells that these were the days when he had no money even to eat and he had to survived on water for 2 days .

He belongs to a middle class family. The only thing that was left with him was his YouTube channel. Which he creats with his friends back in university days.

Starting from scratches is never so easy but having no option left, Raza kick-started things again. Decided to be a better person, he started uploading new valuable content regularly on his YouTube channel which resulted in its phenomenal growth & popularity. Now everyone knows who RAZA SAMO is.

Some time back the YouTuber has move to Lahore city from Larkana. He gifts his parents a house and a car with his own earned money.

In year 2020, PISA awards nominated him in the category of best “YouTuber of the year”.

Today he is a successful artist and reached the heights of fame by setting the milestones of success. Now soon his fans will see him on big screens of the cinema house.

Yesterday’s Raza Samo is today’s star.

His continuous struggle and not giving up attitude made him able to achieve all the success he possess today. Social media is full of praises and prayers for the YouTuber and now people love him even more. This type of open-life interaction from influencers like Raza Samo deserves huge round of applause and appreciation.

His life journey is an inspiration for all those who lose hope at any stage of their lives!

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