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Success story of an orphaned girl

Bilquis Edhi, who used to feed around 12 hundred orphans, is no more in this world, but her services will be remembered for a long time to come.

The little girl who met Edhi’s cradle 28 years ago has released her story on social media on the death of Bilquis Edhi which has saddened the readers. This is the story of 28 year old Rabia Bano who was thrown into the cradle of ‘Edhi’ 28 years ago by her unfortunate parents.

Rabia Bano, who was brought up in Edhi Home, today holds a high position in the world’s number one shoe company ‘NIKE’, and is making the country famous globally.

If a helpless girl like me could fulfill her dream, it was because of Bilqis Edhi.

On the demise of Balqis Edhi, Rabia Bano paid homage to her and gave him credit for all her achievements.

Rabia Bano has also done internships in the US District Attorney’s Office, US Congress, US Senate. She studied Cyber ​​Security and Data Privacy Law.

Read Rabia Bano’s LinkedIn post here:

Twenty-eight years ago I was left in the cradle of orphans at Edhi Home in Karachi, Pakistan. You (Bilquis Edhi) found me, you named me after your mother Rabia Bano, you identified me, then you Gave me home Because of you, today I am ‘something’, I have an identity, and I have loving parents to call me their own.

She (Bilquis Edhi) fought for women’s rights, she was an activist, philanthropist, committed to good cause. You taught me the power of womanhood, the lesson of self-reliance and self-confidence, and the lesson of achieving something extraordinary.

It is because of you that a little Pakistani girl orphaned from birth dared to dream, because of you I am an independent woman with a graduate level education and I am in a place in the world where today I can introduce myself with confidence, you gave me a chance, you gave me a chance to dream, and you taught me to live freely. To the world you are Bilquis Edhi, but to me you are a great mother, thanks to you I have two loving parents who made sure I had everything I ever wanted. I attended high school, received scholarships throughout college, did an internship in the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, the US Congress, the US Senate, and went to law school to do a Masters in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law, and for all of these achievements, the reason is only you.

She also introduced Bilquis Edhi to people all over the world in his post.

For those of you who are reading about Bilquis Edhi for the first time, I want you to know who she was for me and for the whole of Pakistan. Bilquis Edhi was a hero, the mother of many orphans (like me) and a powerhouse for humanity. It was difficult to lose Bade Babu (Abdul Sattar Edhi), but your loss has made me feel like an orphan again today.

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